Permit Application 2023     Liability Waiver      Code of Conduct

To ensure that your gardening experience is as positive as possible, please read the information below. Then print out the 3 forms above, read them carefully, fill out information, and sign them.

Application Process:

Mail the completed and signed forms, along with the permit fee (no cash), to:

West Haven Community Garden, PO Box 16303   West Haven, CT  06516

We must have all your forms and fees by April 30, 2023.

Fees:   Checks Only made payable to WHCG

West Haven Residents  $30 per plot; Seniors 65+  $20 per plot

Garden plots are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. We must have all forms completed and signed, and a check for fee before we will assign a plot.

Once we have received your materials and have assigned you a plot, we will EMAIL you. Please be sure the email you list is correct.

Parking is located at Molloy School. Do not park on grass.

Please note that there is NO bathroom onsite, and entering Molloy School at any time is prohibited.

WHCG is an ORGANIC garden:

Plots can be amended with compost from the City’s Compost program. Commercial synthetic fertilizers (5-10-5) such as Miracle Grow are prohibited, as are pesticides and herbicides.

To help keep costs down and to be environmentally friendly, the WHCG communicates primarily by EMAIL. Therefore, it is vital that you provide us with your correct email address. 

Maintenance of plots is expected of all gardeners throughout the season. Plot and pathway inspections are conducted twice a month to ensure they are clear of debris and weed-free.

On the Permit Application, there is a space to sign-up to do volunteer maintenance work at the garden. We need a commitment from each member to volunteer at least once a month. This helps us to stay on top of weeding and other maintenance that require attention in the garden. As a community cooperative program, volunteering to help with projects must come from everyone, not just a few. All hands are valuable, appreciated, and very much needed.

Thank you for your interest in the WHCG program!

I look forward to meeting you and gardening with you over the next few months. If you have any questions, please contact me at

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